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Pi Gamma Mu Home Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society in Social Sciences
Pi Gamma Mu Home
International Honor Society in Social Sciences
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International Honor Society
in Social Sciences
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Prominent Pi Gamma Mu Members



Prominent Members of Pi Gamma Mu


Henry J. Abraham – internationally recognized constitutionalist, and Social Science (Pi Gamma Mu journal) assistant editor (1956-1967)


Jane Addams - early social worker and founder of Hull House (America’s original settlement house), and first female winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1931)


Ricardo Joaquín Alfaro – President of Panama (1931-1932)


Edgardo J. Angara – Senator of the Philippines (1987-present)


Ernst Philip Boas - famous cardiologist, inventor of the cardiotachometer, and early proponent of national health insurance


Richard E. Byrd - US admiral and polar explorer who was first to fly over the North and South Poles, and Pi Gamma Mu honorary national president (1931-1935)


Conchita Carpio-Morales - Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (2001-present)


William T. Coleman, Jr. – author of the winning legal brief in Brown v. Board of Education (1954) outlawing racial segregation in public education, and US Secretary of Transportation (1975-1977)


Michael Copps - Commissioner of the US Federal Communications Commission (2001-present)


Hilario Davide, Jr . – Chief Justice of the Philippines (1997-2005), and Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations (2006-present)


Teresita Leonardo de Castro - Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (2007-present)


Diana L. DeGette – US Congresswoman from Colorado (1996-present) and chief deputy whip of the US House of Representatives (2006-present)


Robert D. Eilers - originator of health care management and health management organizations (HMOs)


Charles Abram Ellwood – eminent sociologist, founder of Duke University’s Sociology Department, and Pi Gamma Mu national president (1931-1937)


Juan Ponce Enrile – Senator of the Philippines (1987-present)


Paul Finkelstein - President and Chief Executive Officer (1996-present), and Chairman of the Board (2004-present) of Regis Corporation - the world's largest hair salon industry and Fortune 500 corporation.


Robert B. Goergen - founder and incumbent chairman and CEO of Blyth, Inc.


Charles Grassley – US Senator from Iowa (1980-present)


Grace Raymond Hebard – political economist and pioneering historian of the Native Americans, and Pi Gamma Mu co-founder and national vice-president (1924-1931)


Lyndon Baines Johnson - US President (1963-1969)


Reginald H. Jones - chairman and CEO of General Electric Co. (1971-1982)


David M. Kennedy - US Secretary of the Treasury (1968-1971), and US Ambassador to NATO (1972-1973)


Charles P. Kindleberger - M.I.T. economist and chief architect of the Marshall Plan


Jacques Paul Klein – Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations (1996-1999)


Simon S. Kuznets - former Pi Gamma Mu chapter officer, internationally renowned economist, and winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Economic Science


Jose P. Laurel – President of the Philippines (1942-1945)


Salvador H. Laurel - Senator (1967-1973) and Vice-President of the Philippines (1986-1991)


Ferdinand E. Marcos – President of the Philippines (1965-1986)


Mark Martin - senior justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court (1998-present)


Spark M. Matsunaga - US Senator from Hawaii (1976-1990)


Margaret Mead – pioneering cultural anthropologist and 1956 Pi Gamma Mu Convention keynote speaker


Marilyn McAfee - career diplomat and U.S. Ambassador to Guatemala (1992-1997)


Roy F. Nichols – winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History (1949)


S. Howard Patterson – noted labor and social economist, author of microeconomics textbooks, and longest serving Pi Gamma Mu national president (1937-1951)


Lester B. Pearson – Prime Minister of Canada (1962-1968) and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace (1957)


Judith S. Rodin - groundbreaking experimental psychologist, first female Ivy League university president, and president of the Rockefeller Foundation (2005-present)


Edward A. Ross – pioneer in criminology and Pi Gamma Mu honorary national president (1937-1951)


Miriam Defensor Santiago – constitutionalist and Senator of the Philippines (1995-present)


William French Smith – US Attorney-General (1980-1985)


Pitirim Sorokin – renowned sociologist, founder of Harvard University’s Sociology Department, and Pi Gamma Mu national vice-president (1937-1941)


Gustavs Zemgals President of Latvia (1927-1931)